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My daughter Alyssa Lira has been doing cheer since she was 5 years old.   I had her in other cheer programs up until 1 year ago when i put her in High Desert Cheer All stars.  I felt she out grew the other programs, and wasn't learning any more skills. My daughter has grown so much in one year with High Desert Cheer than she had five years with a different cheer program.  I liked the good morals that they teach the children, team work , honesty, and dedication. These are all qualities she will need to use for the rest of her life. It has given her  more confidence, and she is doing something she loves. I can also say as a parent, weve made new friends and learned that there aren't just many teams with High Desert Cheer, but everyone truly is a family. Thank you High Desert Cheer.
Sincerely Diane Lira
High Desert Cheer has been instrumental in my daughter's life. You are more then just a training facility with coaches, you are Carlie's favorite place to be. There are no words for what her coaches provide.. I can't thank them enough. Carlie has come so far in such a short time, not only with her strength, skill and confidence, but more importantly.. with finding 'that' something in herself which gives her a since of belonging at such a crucial age. We look forward to this season and there on after with you! Our hearts belong to Spirit Athletics!
The Katt Family
(Carlie Katt)
High Desert Cheer has given my daughter something to strive for! Since she started Cheer her grades have improved to almost straight A's!!! Not to mention how much it has boosted her self confidence!
Monique Saucier 
Mother of Madelyn Doan
High Desert Cheer has made such a huge impact in my life. Because of the
fantastic staff and cheer family, I have become the strong person that I
am today. I have formed relationships with people that will last a
lifetime and some have become members of my extended family. I have
learned about team work and determination which I will carry with me
through my future education as well as the future workforce. The staff
have helped me accomplish many awards, the Golden State Spirit Association
all state team scholarship and many national championships, which showed
me that anything in life is possible with hard work. High Desert Cheer has
formed me into the hard working individual that I am today, and I owe it
all to the staff and the cheer families.
Jacalyn Desoto - SDSU
My daughter, Lexi, is in her 4th year with Spirit Athletics. She had been with another organization since she was 4, and a friend had told me I should check out Spirit Athletics. Once I walked into their facility, there was never any looking back. She was already bored with the basic cheer she had been doing for 5 years at that point. Here, she had a whole new level to achieve and was really behind. Although she could have done the basic program here as well, she wanted to be an All-Star. So we started with the beginning tumbling class, since she was barely able to do a cartwheel. Within two months, and with the encouragement of her coaches and staff, she joined the Level One team and was competing. She can now do a roundoff double back handspring, and almost has her tuck. She has also learned flight skills and numerous facials that you'd have to see to believe. After only three seasons, this year she was placed on the Junior Level 5 team. I look at the confidence that my daughter has now, and know that this has everything to do with her wonderful coaches, and the caring friendships she has made. I really can't say enough good about the program and what it has given not just to our daughter, but to our family. I will be forever grateful to Spirit Athletics for this, and look forward to the many years to come with them.    
Michelle Quintana
 Spirit Athletics is a wonderful part of our lives.  The things my daughter has learned through this program are exemplary.   She is guided by experienced coaches and staff.   They have her best interest at heart. In addition to the physical skills she has gained, she has gained valuable life skills, like dedication, drive, direction, and Leadership!  I believe this program is helping to shape Amanda into a focused, positive, considerate young women.  I would like to personally thank Stephania.   She is a positive role model, respected by Amanda and our entire family.  She truly leads by example.  I would also like to thank Kallie for our SR. 2 year, that was so much fun.      
Sincerely, Paula MacDonald
I have been employed by Spirit Athletics for the past three years and have found that working for her has been an amazing opportunity. Patti is a phenomenal coach that does anything and everything she can for the kids in her program. She goes above and beyond the role of just being a cheerleading coach by being a role model to the young boys and girls she works with. One of the most important things that she does on a daily basis is teaching young girls how to be strong and stand up for themselves. She also shows these girls that you can be a wife, a mother, and a successful business owner all in one. It has been a pleasure to work for Patti and I am honored that I can not only work for her but call her a friend.     
               STEPHANIA MIX -Orange Crush Cheerleader/Spirit Club International Staff Member
 My daughter has been a cheerleader for HDC Spirit Athletics All-star program for the past 8 years.  At the age of 6 ½ years old, head coach, Patti Perniciaro took a very shy little girl and turned her into a National Champion Cheerleader with all the self confidence to back it up.  Now at the age of 14, she has aspirations of someday competeting on the U.S. Olympic Cheerleading Squad like one of HDC’s former cheerleaders, Kristen Latta.  Patti is not only a knowledgeable coach, but she cares for her cheerleaders as if they were her own kids.  Through hard work, determinations and Patti’s unwavering commitment to cheerleading excellence and dedication to her cheerleaders, she has not only created one of the most outstanding and well known cheer gyms; Patti has created a second family for her cheerleaders and their families as well.  I am very proud to be able to tell anyone who asks, that my daughter is a cheerleader for High Desert Cheer Spirit Athletics and that Patti Perniciaro is her coach.                  
Thank You-Theressa Aguirre
I love Spirit Athletics because it creates an atmosphere comfortable for all students willing to learn. Patti has so much talent, and  that is what  makes her gym one of the best. I have been to many different cheer gyms and her cheer program is the only one I feel comfortable staying with. She has patients and is willing to spend extra time with her teams in order to make sure they are on their game and are ready for competition. I have never gone to a competition in fear of not being prepared because she teaches us the skill and makes sure we have the execution needed for our level.  Her students feel comfortable with her because we know she has been in our shoes and she knows what she is doing. We never have to second guess her because we have trophies and awards to prove she is the best there is out there.  I and everyone else on the team know they can talk to her about anything and she will be there for us; whether it be about cheer, our home life, or just the drama that happens in the girl world. I thank Patti because she brings us together as a family; she makes the sacrifices for us in order for us to be the best  and with out her out team would be a hot mess .        
- Summer Whiteside Senior Team
We have been with High Desert Cheer for @ 11 years.  Patti Perniciaro has been our daughter Sarah's coach from Basics thru All Stars.  Sarah started basics when she was 4 knowing nothing.  Through the years Patti has taught her everything she knows, from a cartwheel all the way up to a double full.  Patti has been a great coach, pushing the athletes to be at their greatest potential.  We have the highest regards for her as a coach and friend. 
Sincerely,Jeff & Betty Hill