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Testimonials FAQ's

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HDC wants each child to feel important and welcome in the program.  Athletes are all to be respectful to each other.

Anyone can be a cheerleader.   Even if you have NO talent we can make you a super star cheerleader. Attitude is everything!

HDC's goal is to provide your child with the best trained and most talented staff in our area.  We want you to get the most for your money.  We use our gym time wisely and make sure all athletes are working hard and progressing.  

HDC strives for safety first in all aspects of the sport.  All of our staff is USASF Certified and First Aid and CPR certified.

We have a program for everyone's time and budget.  We have 3 cheer programs.  Please check this out from the home page of the website.

Patti and Julie Founded the program over 14 year ago.

HDC works with blind children, deaf children, special needs and more.  Call our office for more information on this.  We have had blind and deaf all-star cheerleaders in our program.  They are such an inspiration to their coaches and team members!

You have tried the rest now try the best.  You can sit in at any practice to see how we run our gym.