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We offer several ways to fundraise in our program. Anyone can afford our cheer program especially in these hard economic times. We have lowered prices, cut out things out like camp and added more ways for you to save so you can keep your child practicing cheer. Please take advantage of our great fundraising programs. Keep your child healthy, active and involved in our program.

1. Advertise for a cheerleader sponsorship. You take a form out to local business, teachers, your doctor, family and friends. They get free advertisement on our website under sponsor page and they get their name on the back of our shirts for making a donation to your account.

2. Work our parent club events and not have to pay a penny for your competition fee's. We offer a concert series and Angel's Stadium games. You will be fundraising for your child only. So have your spouse, older siblings or family friends work the events with you.

3. Product sales. We sell candles, See's candy, discount cards and more throughtout the for emails on upcoming product sales. All $$ made goes directy to your athlete only.